Laven Cabo

Hi and welcome to our Los Cabo and El Sargento & La Ventana lifestyle/purchase gateway. If your serious about joining our community let us assist in navigating, optimizing and purchasing your future property here in our serene oceanfront setting. Please see our YELP reviews(please scroll down to view all submitted reviews!).

Some responses to frequent questions asked:

    • Property owner, builder and realtor since 2006.  With a history buying, selling, developing, building and owning local property we have complete, end to end experience and knowledge in completing various real property transactions for families, individuals, developers and corporations.

    • While house hunting, if you find a home you love and call the name on the sign, you’re dealing with the seller’s agent, someone thrilled to make a full commission on a sale. The listing agent is bound — and enthusiastically motivated by a big payday — to make as much money as possible for the seller. You’ve got no one on your side. ** The better option is to note the address and find yourself a buyer’s agent to help take it from there.

    • Buyer’s agents split the commission of the sale with the seller’s representative, usually at no additional cost to the buyer; the seller pays the commission. If you don’t have an agent on your side, the listing agent can score a full commission; that’s a big incentive to make a quick sale in lieu of putting your needs first